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“Great actors have a coach. 
It’s too expensive not too.”

Javier trains actors worldwide in English & Spanish. Whether you need to self-tape for casting, build a role for tv/film, improve your technique or start as a total beginner, Javier is devoted to bringing out the best in you.


Every casting is an opportunity to practice your craft while revealing your essence as an artist, to make an impression and be remembered, now and for future opportunities. Don’t leave it up to chance! Get help and make sure you’re always on your A Game! Javier will help you do just that


Every single actor is different and brings something unique to the table. That is your “essence”. It has to do with instinct and truth. This Acting Coach helps you recognize your true essence and to connect with it. Your personality is something else. That has more to do with your social mask and decisions you’ve made regarding your “likes and dislikes”. Regardless of all the different roles you can play, your essence should be present in ALL of them.


Whether you’re a complete beginner or wishing to bring your acting to the next level, This Acting Coach puts at your disposal all the knowledge he’s gathered over 30 years working in different countries. You will learn valuable tools from different acting techniques. Javier has found a true vocation in teaching and understands it is an honor to be of service.


This Acting Coach has been helping actors worldwide according to their particular needs. Whether in English or Spanish Javier will help you reduce your accent by identifying specific sounds you need to improve. You will be working on diction, flow and musicality. Most times, you don’t have to completely lose your natural accent but you do need to speak clearly and still sound completely natural.

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